About Us

My Unit


I am happy to introduce you to my first loves, but this store is a close second to them. I am inspired by a good bargain and committed to helping brides find the perfect gown at a perfect price. There is no reason to ever pay retail for your wedding dress. All of our stock is from reputable designers, you will be thrilled with the quality and the value.

Budget Basics


We have occassional sales but usually not on regular stock but always honor a 10% military discount and we are happy to set up a payment plan to suit your budget. You should know the range or speak with whomever will be paying for your gown...if you are not paying yourself then have the talk before you arrive to the store. If you shop within your means it will make you much happier.

You Don't Have to Compromise


Our belief is that you should not have to compromise the experience to get the bargain. We hope to create a warm, caring environment but ultimately we want you to have fun and find your dream dress. Optimal appointments start with a bride who is really looking to buy a dress. The gown you try will be the gown you take home so if you are not ready to commit you may be disappointed if you fall in love then come back later to find it already sold.